Are you all for making a bold statement in your home with beauty and comfort as your watchwords? Or do you have a flair for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary? You’re in the right place then, look no further. Alma outdoor has you covered as we bring you the most sought after outdoor furniture designs this year.


Poolside Decor


Whether it is a beautiful sunny day with the water shimmering and crisp in response to the gentle touch of sunlight or it is a cool evening after a particularly stressful day, a glass of wine in hand, some outdoor furniture by the poolside can make for a particularly relaxing and exhilarating experience.


Chaise lounges with colorful cushions for better sunbathing experience or outdoor sofas made of weather-resistant-upholstery and outdoor throw pillows for pool parties, or a beautiful family alone time, may well be great choices to transforming your poolside into a haven.


The Garden Furniture Array


Although not a new concept, one of the biggest trends in 2020 is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor areas. The seamless, natural flow from one area to the other such as from living room to garden with outdoor furniture arranged in such a way that they complement the overall architecture, provides a view to die for. The furniture combination must be precise to achieve a blend with the environment. Popular combinations include;

  • Stainless steel and Teak
  • Wood and Resin
  • Wood and iron


If the goal is just to provide relaxation without necessarily blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor areas, simple outdoor furniture such as the cocoon or swinging seat may do the trick as they help put the picturesque view of Mother Nature in perspective while giving room for the mind to slip into a meditative and relaxing state.


Outdoor Dining


Are you looking forward to having dinner with family and friends? While doing it indoors is fun; doing it outdoors is even more fun. When the weather permits, nothing beats having a meal outside with stylish outdoor furniture and the cool evening breeze fanning your face while hearing the clink of glasses and sweet laughter all around you. Our outdoor dining sets, such as the Kemano 9- Piece Outdoor Dining Setting, might just be the ideal thing to make you look forward to every meal.






Whether you are looking to get a tan without taking a trip to the beach or you’d rather float on the pool without having to swim or perhaps you’d love to add some plush and taste to the exterior of your house, daybeds are just the thing for you. Depending on what you want to achieve, you might go for non-inflatable upholstered floating loungers or cloud outdoor fabric daybeds designed to give maximum comfort while providing an aura of all things beautiful and all things radiant on a warm sunny day.



For all who desire beauty and comfort in their home, the exterior is just as important as the interior because, in the end, after all the hassles of the day, the home is the haven to which we must return. Outdoor furniture can be the magic you need to add that extra touch of glamour!