The Next Best Thing in Outdoor Furniture Trends: Solution Dyed Acrylic

The Next Best Thing in Outdoor Furniture Trends: Solution Dyed Acrylic



The Next Best Thing in Outdoor Furniture Trends: 

Solution Dyed Acrylic


Serious consideration must be given to the type of fabric used for outdoor furniture if the beauty, glamour, and luxury they bring to the exterior of your home are to last. Since they are constantly exposed to the elements: high temperatures, ultraviolet light, and moisture will most certainly result in the wear and tear of the furniture fabrics.


Solution-Dyed Acrylics (SDA) are synthetic fabrics that are dyed before the yarn is created. Unlike most fabrics that begin colorless, a liquid acrylic solution is mixed with dye and then formed into a fiber before being spun into a yarn. The process produces some very desirable effects which may well make SDA the best bet for your outdoor furniture.




If you are spending much money on beautifying the exterior of your home, chances are you don’t want to do that too often on the same things. So, why not go for the most durable piece out there?


SDA is renowned for its strength and resilience. It is estimated to be able to withstand about 1,500 hours of intense sunlight before beginning to fade. That may take up to 250 days, assuming the sun shines throughout the year in your locale. If, however, you reside in a humid region, SDA fabrics resist moisture quite well even though they are not completely waterproof. Its water-resistant property also enables it to withstand the development of mildew.




“Home sweet home” can only be said of a home where comfort is not sacrificed on the altar of durability. SDA gives all that and more. Even when exposed to direct sunlight, it tends to remain cool. Thus after a stressful day, you can be sure to find comfort in your SDA covered outdoor furniture.




SDA fabrics are available in a variety of beautiful colors, designs, and patterns. It is particularly noteworthy that the color of an SDA fabric doesn’t just sit on the surface, it goes all the way through the fiber with a uniformity that has been likened to that of a carrot when cut. It gives your exterior a look of lush luxury and is a perpetual feast for the eyes.


Easy Maintenance


It is only natural to worry about stains and cleaning, especially if you are the type to have guests over every other weekend for parties and, of course, relaxation. SDA fabrics have stain-resistant properties; you can clean them with harsh, germ-killing substances while still retaining their vibrancy.


For all their many advantages though, Solution Dyed Acrylic fabrics have the disadvantages of being expensive, not quite as soft and comfortable as certain other outdoor fabrics. Since they transmit static electricity, they can produce quite a shock to bare skin on hot summer days. However, little flaws they have, they certainly bring a whole package of luxury, opulence, and glamour to the home, guaranteeing them a top-of-the-list spot for outdoor furniture trends for years to come.