The Highest Quality of The Modern  Bean Bag - The Bean Bag

The Highest Quality of The Modern Bean Bag - The Bean Bag

The Highest Quality of The Modern Bean Bag

The Bean Bag

The modern bean bag  has been perfected to become weather proof, and durable by using PVC Coated Polyester as the outer bag.  The inner lining is waterproof.  The UV Fade Resistant Treatment, creates a long lasting new quality.  When comes to the bean bag, there wasn't a need to reinvent it, but to perfect it to be useable in all climates.
The origins of the first bean bag  according to one historian, were said to have been invented by the ancient Egyptians around 2000 B.C. The Egyptians would fill small pouches of leather with dried beans or pebbles, and for thousands of years, these round bags were used to play recreational activities.  You can still go to markets in Marakech and see this version being made out of leather.  This concept was obviously perfect for drier climates. 
In China, Tai Chi practitioners made use of similar small bags by trying to keep them up in the air with their bodies, an archaic version of every high school, and college student's favorite pastime—hacky sack.
The first true “bean” bag was designed in 1969 by Italian design firm Zanatta Design. Their team tried to cater to the flower power generation and create something more fluid and modern. Their bean bag was a leather pouch filled at first with thermocol pellets and then later replaced with shredded poly-foams.  
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