The Perfect Outdoor Lounge Set:  Find Your Style

The Perfect Outdoor Lounge Set: Find Your Style

The Perfect Outdoor Lounge Set:

Find Your Style 

Finding the perfect outdoor lounge set can feel overwhelming.  I can remember the majority of my outdoor furniture coming from friends, and family.  Then one day, I looked around my deck and decided the shabby chic look was no longer looking chic.  I needed an outdoor furniture upgrade, and for once to have my outdoor furniture looking cohesive.  I began looking on Instagram for a few references.  The boutique hotel Riad caught my eye.  Then I took a few screenshots.  I like the coastal lifestyle decor.  I find this look to be modern, and easy to find different versions of this style online.  



Then I looked at my budget, and I immediately became discouraged.  I stumbled upon an outdoor furniture online website.  It's nice to know that some websites are willing to offer generous discounts, based on your order total.  To top it off, some even offer free shipping.

The perfect outdoor lounge set is possible to find. The finished result doesn't need to be identical to your inspiration.  However, it should make you feel good.  Researching the outdoor lounge set which is best for you, is ideal.  Below are a few tips that I've picked up a long way.

The Perfect Outdoor Louge Set Tips:



  1. Have an outdoor furniture style in mind and your color palette.  I find the best places to find style inspiration are restaurants and luxury boutique hotels.  Most of these places have their own social media pages.  Double-check, exterior decorating sites.  Take some time to get inspired.

  1. Know the measurements of your outdoor area.  You'd be surprised at how many people only use their memory to determine how big their outdoor space is, minus taking the time to measure.  Please measure before you go shopping, and take a measuring tape with you.

  1. Know your budget.

  1. Shop around, if online stores are offering a lower rate, but the online store doesn't have a store in your area, you can ask for the brand name of the lounge set you want.  Seek out a physical store that carries your choice.  Seeing items in person is a big help.  You can also get a better negotiation rate online.

  1. Research the feedback about the outdoor lounge set.



  1. Make sure the warranty is a reasonable amount of time.



  1. If the outdoor lounge set requires a special installation or assembly, find out if that will be included in the price.

  1. Double-check the care instructions, while having crisp white outdoor furniture is a beautiful choice, double-check on the brand of fabric being used.  The higher the quality of the fabric, and stain-resistant qualities, the better.

  1. Lastly, have fun.  What you choose in your personal outdoor space, should reflect the mood you want to feel, and be the most comfortable.